Research & Development

Allgrand places heavy emphasis on battery R&D in order to develop new products and open up application fields for rechargeable batteries.

· This R&D effort coincides with Allgrand’s Lead Acid and Rechargeable Lithium battery business as well as activities in battery systems engineering.

· These activities are carried out in our two main R&D centres located in Frankfurt, Germany and and at the Lithium battery production facility in Shandong, China.
· A total of around 100 persons are engaged in this activity with over 80% of them holding masters or PhD degrees.
· In order to maintain close contact with Academia and the scientific community at large, Allgrand is constantly hosting several external Chinese and foreign scientists, researchers and consultants at its facilities.
· Thus, we are constantly encouraging “out-of-the-box” thinking, in formulating new product strategies and solving production and quality issues.

CNAS Accredited Battery Performance Test Laboratories
· Allgrand places high value on being able to perform battery qualification tests for both its institutional and commercial customers.
· To ensure full traceability of methods and equipment, out battery test laboratories have been certified to comply with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 and China National Accreditation Board CNAS-CL01 requirements (CNAS L4860).

· Lead acid and Lithium batteries are tested according to both Chinese National (YD/T and GB/T) and International IEC standards.

· Engineers and scientists of Allgrand are also active in the field of defining Chinese National and International Standards for batteries and battery systems, most notably in Shandong Province.

Battery Materials Test Equipment
The research laboratories of Allgrand are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment to help its researches to precisely define and optimise the many materials and compounds used in battery design, manufacturing and operation.

Solar Battery Boat Project - M

CHP System for Total Self-Suff

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