ALLGRAND was established in 1987 with the ultimate goal of providing green energy for a better world through the manufacturing of clean energy products. As the world economy was in a period of transition, it was imperative that ALLGRAND was able to grow and adapt to market demand. Through heavy investment in R&D and realising the need for the energy sector to step up and show its true value, ALLGRAND became one of China’s manufacturing pioneers of lead-acid VRLA AGM batteries. Since then, ALLGRAND has continued to grow and develop products so that they can be used in numerous applications throughout all kinds of industries. As ALLGRAND continued to invest in the development and technology of lead acid batteries, the efficiency of our lead-acid batteries improved enormously. By the late 2000s, we introduced our gel technology with the help and expertise of our German engineering team. Being able to guarantee quality and provide excellent technical support, ALLGRAND became one of the major battery suppliers of energy storage and motive power in China. This provided a solid foundation for ALLGRAND to further enhance our potential in the renewable energy industry saw us diversify into the development and production of lithium batteries. With the opening of our state-of-the-art lithium battery production facility in 2014, we have followed in the same footsteps as our VRLA and gel batteries. Now, with an expanding international network and the resources to support the huge demand for battery storage and power, ALLGRAND continues to thrive and work toward or main goal making the world a greener and better place to live in.
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